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Inspired 24" Frame


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I'm looking to change to a 24" for summer riding and like the look of the Inspired 24" frames, but don't really know how they ride and as I don't know anyone else who does trials I've got no way of comparing the feel of it to my 26".

Anyone ridden one?

If so

Any good?

Any better frames for similar price?

Cheapest place (other than tarty) to get one?


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Agree with the above post, most comfortable frame I've ridden in a long time. Obv. doesn't feel as good on the back wheel as some of the longer stock frames, but you'd be surprised how well it does ride on the rear. Getting the right bar and stem combo is pretty essential IMO.

Most people seem to go High rise bars and short stem - its what I've got and it feels really nice. Spins feel effortless, and it still side-hops / gaps relatively well.

Echoing other thoughts on this forum, I really don't think it suits a UCi style bar and stem combo - not really what it was designed for. But I guess its whatever is good for you.

Price wise I'd defo recommend going second hand. These frames are pretty bombproof, so the chances of it being knackered are small. I picked mine up with a couple of scratches from a guy off the forum for £150 - a steal when you consider the rrp is £329.

Hope this helps


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These frames are pretty bombproof, so the chances of it being knackered are small.

Just asked Adam, and we've never had one sent back for warranty or anything like that. If you can find one second hand, assuming they've not cut it up with a grinder you should have a frame for life, realistically...

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