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Crank Lenths


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I'm looking at buying a new set of cranks and have no idea how long my current set are.

I'm around 6:3 and ride stock and wondered if there is a huge difference between 170mm and 175mm? pros and cons etc would be appreciated.


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Not a huge difference, although I generally prefer 175s. Basically makes your gearing feel 'lighter', whilst you're still getting the full power from your gear ratio, if that makes sense? So it's like you're putting a lighter gear ratio on, but without making it actually easier.

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If you use sheldon browns advanced gear ratio calculator (the one that takes crank length into account) then you can see and compare the effects of different cranks on the gearing. Shorter crank arms allow you to spin the cranks up faster where as longer ones give you more leverage, Im not sure if the crank leverage is effectively seperate to gear ratio though.

For example 16:14 (1.14:1 gear ratio) with 165 cranks is only very slightly lighter than 18:15 (1.2:1 gear ratio) with 175 cranks.

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