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Wherestheseat.Com Presents : Jeff Anderson From Trialsstars.Com


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I was going to use this footage for our upcoming dvd, but my camera work was terrible. The weather was also pretty gay. The rain and wind made it very difficult for Jeff to ride, and it was just as difficult trying to pan the camera steadily while trying to keep the camera and myself dry. The shots at the skate park came out overexposed, and I had to do a bunch of post processing so you can see.

I learned a lot making this video though, and hopefully the full length one will be much better.

Download :

Right Click here and Save Target As

Vimeo(first time in 1080p)


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Just for the fact the quality was immense made everything look 10 times better. But the riding was very good too so, brilliant video. Gone of the days of eeongoedidee and keeping 5minute videos under 50mb, if you're old enough to remember those days, the days before Youtube, my god, that's weird nostagia.

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