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Headset Fail.

Julius Czar

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Took it out thinking I had a mega flared headtube, to find that the bottom cup had snapped off from the bit that goes into the frame :P




Has anyone had this before? Fair play to it, it is rather old, and it's been through like 6 different bikes, but I didn't think this would happen :S


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My forks snapped at the weekend, took the handle bars off and a shit load of bearings from the headset fell out took me about 5 minuits to find the most i could. but i was 2 missing :( But yeah my headset was about 3 yeard old, but was chris king so i was quite supprised that it happened.

Closes's thing i have had to oat like yours happening.

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I wouldn't say its common, less likely than forks snapping, but it does happen. Do you hook? They stress the front end loads and even things like gaps to front can stress the bike a lot when you have a good front brake

I'm not really a big rider, and all I do is gaps to front, and they're not even big. I suppose because its old, and has been through a few people who do ride quite big, so I had it coming to be honest. :P

haha, sweet. Good going. 6 different bikes, had a good life then :P

Haha, yeah. I'm not sure how many bikes it actually has been through, but I'd say around six. :P

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