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My Zhi Z3R (Update, Page 3)


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I sold my mod and after 4-month break got this - ZHI Z3R. I am very happy with it, the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.

Huuge thanks to TRIALPARTS.NET and my local workshop.


Frame - ZHI Z3R

Forks - ZHI-R

Headset - Tange

Stem - ZHI (will change to tarty's stem)

Bars - Monty

Grips - Trialtech

Brake levers - Shimano XTR

Front brake - Avid BB7

Rear brake - Shimano Deore

Pads - CNC Rockpads

Bottom bracket - Echo

Cranks - Rockman

Pedals - VP

Bashring - Bionic

Chain - KMC

Rims - TryAll

Rear hub/sprocket - Echo TR

Snail cams - Rockman

Front hub - V!Z

Spokes - Superlight DT

Rear tire - Kenda Nevegal

Front tire - Hutchinson (will change to Nobby Nic)








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i like this frame...

full bike weight?

It's around 10kg, I'll weight it on more precise scales someday ;D


How does it feel to ride? Can you compare it to anything? The geo makes me think it might feel a little cramped?

Looks great. (Y)

It feels awesome, very comfortable, it's quite short, but that's okay, love the high bb, love everything, all I can say - It's perfect to me. :)


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I'd love to see a video of you riding it, just to see how it handles.

I thought it might feel short.

How tall are you?

I'd love to make one, but I have to get more used to my bike, I've been riding it only for 2 days. I'll try to make a video as soon as possible.

I'm 183cm tall, bike feels awesome. :)

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