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New Road Bike


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Right, i want a roadie, kind of, as in I want one, so I can go out for an hour after work, rather than sticking 50-90 miles of road work on my full sus xc rig each week. I want one so I can occasionally do the 17 mile commute to work and back in the summer on a nice day, and possibly do the 70 mile blat to my mums caravan once or twice a year.

I however have no interest in competing, or am really bothered about my pace(as in im not looking to keep up with anyone, im looking to better my times, taking 2 minutes off my route in a month, is the same progress regardless of starting time).

I dont want to spend mega bucks on it, because some weeks ill be riding off road for 6 or so hours a week, so it wont get used, it also wont really get used much when its wet or cold.

whats the kind of minimum id be looking at paying, ive been checking out claude butler roadies, at like £300-£350 quid, I dont want elitists telling me that ill tire on them quicker, is there anything actually wrong with them, as in will they fall apart every 50 mile? do they roll noticeably worse than a £600 bike, or is it just the actual weight of the bike, and the brand name/looking like a pro im going to be missing out on?

thanks in advance

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I hate to sound like Glen but check out the Boardman bikes, also do you have a Decathalon store up there? Their bikes seem real good for the dollar.

Lol its ok, someones got to sound like glen(not to mention in my opinion the 2 of you look and act very similar :P)

havent got a decathlon store near, ill check the website, and will check their store next time im in manchester. boardman bikes start at like £700 for a geared model dont they though??

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Decathlon roadies are awesome for the money. I used to race and had a decathlon as my race bike, I can't speak highly enough of them. I did a few upgrades on it and it still came in at under £400. But you have to remember that you can buy a raleigh or something similar for a hell of a lot less money and still be comfortable riding 70+ miles (I rode a raleigh from bromsgrove (20 minutes from worcester) to western super-mare with nothing more than a saddle upgrade very comfotably). So you dont need to spend loads on it to make it a decent bike.

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