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Stem For 24"

gu trials

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That Tarty stem is pretty long for a 24", should be ok for a Because comp 24" frame, but not for an Inspired/Ashton etc

Untrue, its the nicest stem that I've used on my 24UK by far! By the 24UK frame is a tad smaller than the Inspired, so that could be why this stem works for me, and not for others?

ok cheers guys, so id be better going for a 26" stem, i was thinking of the because 24" trials frame :)

For a 'streety' 24" I'd go for a 26" stem, but for a 'trialsy' 24" I'd run one of the shorter 20" stems. Something around 150X30 would be good.

i'd say one of these stems:



Monty 221 Pr



150x25, 150x30, 160x25

Viz Welded

Its all personal preference really, I prefur a longer 'reach' and a higher front end - so those two stems would be ideal for me, but not for others.

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