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Onza Headset Problem !


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Easy guys,

The other night, I built my t-pro back up, as I adore it!

But, theres something wrong with the headset, it's eather too wobbly, or too tight.

All the times before, it's been fine. The bearings have got a bit of shit in them, and I will clean that out, do you recon thats the problem?

All the bits are there for the headset, I know this!

And for anyone wanting to know, it's the onza internal.. :$

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i had this same problem when i built a t pro for my nephew. are you 100% sure you have all the pieces and they have been put in the correct order. I know that sounds like teaching you to suck eggs but just double check. i spent forever trying to figure it out, only to realise i was missing a little shim thing. I poped the shim in and the headset is perfect now. Hope this helps

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