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Songs For Videos ?

Sam T

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hey all, B)

i'm thinking of making a easter video but im sort of stuck,

does anybody know any decent songs that will go well with a trials vid, prefferably one thats not been used in any other recent videos?

Comment please

Thanks guys,


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You want to make sure that your riding and editing style fits the pace of the music.

If its a smooth, relaxed riding style, long clips and not many cuts then go for a light pace song, that emphasises this style.

If you really just want to show lots of gaps, sidehops etc in a short space, so having shot clips and lots of quick cutting, then something with a bit more pace to it works.

Just try and pick a song that most people will like, some of the best videos or even your favourite videos will be the ones with music that you enjoy, so picking a music taste that everyone will groove along to will make your video more popular.

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