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Tarty Days 2010


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For 2010 The Bike Fest organised by Matt Barlow presents

Tarty Days

11th - 13th June 2010





All the event details can be found at:


Click on 'THE BIKE FEST' on the main menu

Tarty Days details in brief (all subject to change, see website for more details):

- 3 day UK trials festival

- FREE camping and FREE parking on site

- FREE showers and toilet facilities

- Huge main trials arena

- Extra sections to cater for all abilities

- Evening BBQ

- Tarty Bikes have offered significant financial backing to the event, without them it WOULD NOT hapen.

- Their involvement means that each person must pay ONLY


- £5 will go to Tearfund charity

- £5 will contribute toward the significant event running costs

I'm sure you'll agree this is an absolute bargain!




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This sounds fantastic! I would love to go and will do everything I can to go. I'm sure I would have a friend or two who would come too!!

Have you got any design companies working for you to make banners or tees? and will there be freebies? :D

Best of luck with getting it going (Y)

edit: Just realised the websites name, very ironic :giggle: It looks great so far!

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Defo be there me like.

few questions.

is it going to be both indoor and out door, out door, indoor? and where abouts is it going to be held? sorry if you have answered these in your essay, hehe i just scanned through it. Sounds awsome though and thanks for putting the work in, when riding at these things people dont relise how much work goes into them. But yeah i should be there!

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i would love to come to this event!! its a great idea and i would defo donate more than £6.

if the event is on, im not 100% sure i would be able to come, but i would try my hardest to be there.

i also know a few people that might want to come to the event too.

do you have an idea when the event slip things will be out?

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Hmm..i might be up for this, my granny stays around an hour and a half away in Holyhead so might see but only problem is going to be getting down as im pretty sure i live around 450 miles away :lol:

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