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Monty Brake Spray

Dec Whiteoak

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Iv got it but have never used it much, when i did it felt nice and sticky but thats from what I can remember lol

If i was you just get a nice meduim grind with good pads (Y) saves the trouble.

But in general its ok but its nothing special and wears off after an hour - 2 hours

Hope this helped :)

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When I first started riding, I thought this and a monty hose splitter would make me ride like a pro, the splitter was alright, but I hated the spray

A good grind and pads and a well set up brake will hold you fine, if you REALLY need more hold I prefer tar over spray.

Tar grabs better to me, and it's MUCH easier to carry a little lump of tar with you on a ride than carrying a can of spray :)

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Oright mate Dont get it its oo horrible it leaves a white sticky stain all on your inside wall which is so hard too remove , and makes your bike look tatty , performance wise its just as good the same as tar , and tar FREE :)


Tar makes your rims look horrible

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