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Blue Zona Zip.


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About time I posted up pictures of my Zona.

Had a few changes recently...






Zona Zip frame.

Echo forks. - Small crack on the disc mount now!

Profile hub on Kris Holm, Monty rear tyre.

04 Magura, Fresh Products lever, Phat Pads.

Monty Stem, Trialtech bars.

Tensile Cranks.

203mm BB7 with XTR Lever.

Most recent change is the black forks. They were scratched and a bit battered, and seeing as my mate was painting his I decided to paint mine too!

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I dunno much about the BB7, is it not powerful enough to make the crack worse, or so powerful it will definitely make it worse? can't understand skoze's edit reason >_<

Back in my day we used a hope mini and that was about all we had :P

It was the brake that caused it haha.

Sick man always used to love this thing! Hows longs it been going now?

I think its about 2 days older than God lol

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can't understand skoze's edit reason >_<

BB7's are mentally powerful, all you really ever need on a mod is a 160, the 205 is just crazy, and as such will destroy those forks :P

EDIT; love for the sig, too...

Edited by Skoze
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