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Tyre Slip Help?


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Easy guys,

I have a problem, my front echo urban is bent to f**k and I have had to build my trialtech wheel back up. (it's the £45 whole wheel off tarty :P )

But the tyre slips on the rim, as in the innertube valve starts to move when gap to front etc. It still moves when pumped up hard..

So what bodges can I do to stop it moving? I have tried my maxxis cc and holy roler, both slip. <_<

Please give me ideas for bodges etc. :)

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Get some evostick and use it to glue portions of the tyre bead onto the rim, its a contact adhesive though so make sure you get it in the right place :)

Probably wont be a permanent solution but should hold better than most other glues, alternatively you might be able to get a tyre clamp as used on enduro bikes, not sure if they come in such small sizes though.

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