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What Does Your Username Mean?


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sittin here pissed, and realised how many peoples usernames are/seem to be totally random.

mine is just my initials and date of birth.

just wanna know why you chose your username and what it means.



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My name is Jonathan Trillo. Very few people call me Jonathan due to it's 3 syllable nature so I have a bunch of nicknames one of which is JT. The ! is because you have to have a username longer than 2 letters. <_<

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My first name is Samuel, I was never Sam at school because there was always more than one Sam in our class, so everyone called me Samuel, then at secondary school everyone started calling me Muel.

There are actually people in my year at school who didn't know my first name wasn't Muel when I signed up to facebook last year. :lol:

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My initials. Trademarked because it needs to be over 3 characters.

More fun that looking at what people are now, with the older members you can check out what they've been when you were allowed to change your username... I've been:

jaYDee (initials with some sort of gay capitilisation that I obviously thought was cool at some point)

pocket rocket FTW (band name with the forum fad at the time. FTW had just been put on the filter so I wondered whether it would work on usernames)

Pocket Rocket (realised how gay the fad was)

JD™ (band split up)

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Al_Fel because my name is Alan Felton. Just took the first few letters of my name that made decent words.

Also been Anal_Teflon on here too which I might go back to. The main reason I changed to Al_Fel is because my original account got banned.

I was Batmo too actually in new members not long after I got banned. Thinking about it I didn't really get properly validated. Someone posted a thread saying Danny or Tomturd (can't remember who) was going away for a few days so anyone that put in a request to be validated would be automatically validated.

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I should imagine he's kicking himself over that now.


Thought it sounded fairly cool, I dunno. Although now there are people who call me revolver over my actual name.

He knew it was me all along. (Y)

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I started off on internet boards as THutley (Tom Hutley) so I always assumed it was pronounced Tee Hutley. My mate thought it was one word and pronounced "futley" so then thutley was born.

Changed it to fugley as that is what a couple of local riders used to call me.

Then went to Albino Slig, as I am a huge fan of the Abe's Odyssey games, and Albino Slig was a game which was planned but never released.

And now I'm with Captain Scarlet, again big Gerry Anderson fan and Captain Scarlet was such a cool guy! However since the self username changing option got removed, I'm now stuck with this username.

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I'm also a member of a drum building forum, I signed up as M_Portnoy (My idol is mike portnoy)

After a while, a poll went up as a joke as to wether I should change my name, then I had my name changed from M_Portnoy to:

The unkown name (spelling mistake and all)

Man Child Ice

Neil of pearts

Daves of weckl

Thurman Peanuckle Jive (there we have it :D)


Signature Boy (I was making a list of the name changes in my signature)

Then eventually Prog Dog (long story)

Peanuckle Jive got the most laughs, so now I use it everywhere :D

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Anzo, its just an anagram of Onza, but obviously nobody calls me anzo, just usually Matt or Tolley.

I don't quite believe some of these nicknames though...

It's so ingrained in my head that I'd probably just call you Anzo in person... Never noticed the Onza connection and thought it must be an actual nickname lol.

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My names 'David Banners' so I just thought 'Max Quinn' might sound cool to use as my internet alias when I got into hacking mainframes an all that cool stuff, throw the police off an that.

Edited by Max Quinn
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