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Committing To Front Wheel Maneuvers

Ipod Bob

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I have a DOB mag 26" with tarty forged stem and ill admit cruddy czar flat bars at present, soon to be upgraded but was unsure of what selection of stem and handlers would help me.

I was wondering as im 6ft 3" if getting a slightly longer stem would help me commit to gaping onto my front wheel as it tends to feel like my shoulders are getting ripped out or i find i tend to drop my front wheel harshly before i land ending up over the bars xD. Ive not really been riding the last couple of years so its a new build which was rushed towards the end any help would be appreciated.

I also have 2 +10 spacers under my stem for now cause it does my shoulders in if i take em off.

also 1 more thing ive been a member since 5 dec 2007 if there are any kind forum moderators out there who could u know bump me up :D sorry for asking i know its frowned upon but you know its been a while i would like to play in the big boys club.

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