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How Does One Pedal Hop?


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I can cherry hop without much a-do, and i can hop forward, but can someone give me a breakdown of how you learned to hiptothehop in a forward direction? I find the idea of pedalling forwards abit / whilst jumping forwards / and keeping my weight over the back wheel quite mental! But I guess ollying a skateboard (kick the tail into the ground whilst jumping whilst dragging your front foot up the grip tape to raise it and pushing it forward to level it in the air before getting both feet on it for a smooth landing) is equally as mental and I am almost there with learning that!

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This should help man, http://www.trashzen....kick-basics.php

I think its all down to getting used to co-ordination and how to tap the brake on and off etc, it'll come eventualy, dont give up becusse once you get them it unravels a whole new side to trials

yeh you have got a good point. just bout to go on trashzen so thanks ill use your link :D

after this advice and you stillcant get it, i would consider trying to balance on the back wheel. it is honestly how you learn because: No Balance-No skill.

when you get the balancing point you will be able to do all sorts of things :)

try and use one finger on the rear lever. so you have more grip on the handlebars. you will not like using your first finger when you start but believe me you will get used to it :D

hope i helped and let us all know if you get it ;)

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cheers for the sweet links! If you can be bothered could you click the thing to help validate my account btw? I am gonna try to find some riders in Coventry, ive never taken my trials bike down to uni as coventry is bad for bike theft, but i really wanna get riding again and I am off down in a week so ive gotta decide If I am taking it or not! that trash zen site is fantastic! theres loads of great tutorials on there! I never thought about begining to learn the pedal hop without the jump, to get the pedal motion right, before thrusting the body weight to attain the hop! thanks!

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