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Avid Bb7

Monty Man Sam

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I have a bb5 160mm and its not to clever, slipped and i hurt myself quite a bit the other day, i really want a hope mono trial on the rear, my front hope is amazing. I'd say stick to hydro on the rear, million times better. i cannot vouch for the bb7 though, i expect it's a little better, but nothing on a properly bled hope.

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My Trials bike uses Maguras on the rear, but run BB7's on my jump bike and downhill / freeride bike. I love them! use a quality cable and a good housing and the power is great. I got tired of hydro discs and the leaks and the bleeding and have been running BB7's for years now. And I am no little light weight. 280 pounds and they stop my butt just fine.

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