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Read the guidelines -Wanting A Person With A 26Inch To Swap With


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Welcome to Trials-Forum.co.uk!

If you have just registered it wont be long before you realise the only place you can post as the moment is New Members Chat.

This forum operates a 'validation system' which means once you have signed up, you must receive 5 individual votes from full trials-forum members.

How to get votes

Under each of the posts you make, members will see a 'Submit Validation Vote' link. Once this has been clicked by 5 individual members, you will be upgraded to full membership.

Tips to get validated quicker

  • Use the Spell Checker, it doesnt take long!
  • Dnt use txt tlk
  • Use descriptive topic titles, try not to use topic titles such as 'help!', 'Problem with....', 'where', and instead try and put as much information in as possible
  • Try and put as much information into your posts as possible, don't leave people guessing what you mean (this is not MSN!)
  • Do not spam/post irrelevant messages
  • Dont get involved in arguments, use the report button. If you are argumentative you seriously reduce your chances of getting validated
  • Do NOT post new threads asking when you will be validated
  • Do NOT post new threads asking why you cant post anywhere else
  • For Sale/Wanted/Swap threads are not allowed in New Members Chat
  • Do NOT email us when you realise you cant post anywhere else
  • Do NOT cross post between Members Chat forums and New Members Chat
  • Harassing Admins/Moderators via PM/Email/MSN WILL NOT get you validated any faster

See you in the forums,

Tom & Danny

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