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what do you think of my bike?

the frame is t-pro and i have:fatboyfunnnbars, trial tech stem`,rear hs33,front bikehut disc,onza wheels and tyres and other stuff i cant remember

facebook bike pics

you will probably need facebook to view as i dont no how to put photos on without using a link or thumbnail

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Toy graffiti.

And paintjob, looks like you got the design from graffiti creator.

If it was your own style, with blended decent colours, i would say ok for trying.

it is my own style my aunt painted it on for me.i didnt do it on the computer

Sorry, but I agree with that. Would look better with Onza, insted of yor name.

why would it look better saying onza than my name in graffiti. the onza frame graphics are terrible

Really like that! Looks really nice mate (Y)

Thanks. ill post new pics when i get my new handlebars

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what does aestetically pleasing mean?

what the bike not pleasing or bumping isnt pleasing?

Its an un-written rule, if you bump your own bike pic threads your a bit annoying.

Please post the pics on the site so the rest of us can see rather than getting a stupid facebook page.

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