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Help Me Please!


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Hi guys as the title says I need help! There is a funny clanking sounds coming from my cranks and BB area and I want to take my cranks off to grease the bearings up to see if that helps. BUT once I undo that bolt on the bottom of the cranks my cranks wont come off. I don't even no if what I'm doing is right. So please could someone tell be what to do so I can sort it out.

The bike I have is an Onza Comp '09 and it has the BB and cranks it comes with (don't know if saying this helps)


Sean :D

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sounds like you have bent your bb .. new bb should fix it :) but to get your cranks off , you need a crank tool , the larger bit of the tool goes in 1st , just screw it into your cranks , then the smaller bolt screws in after that , dont forget the put the small metal bit at the end though , then rench the bolt up tight , and they should just fall off .. if you need them off quick , and there square taper , which the t comp ones are , then just put a cloth round the crank arm and a heafty few wacks with a hammer should sort it all out :)

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Thank you very much, I shall be going on Tarty Bikes when I have some money and I will buy a new BB and a crank tool and while I'm at it I might aswell get some new cranks.

Thanks again


Whoa Whoa Whoa, just check what's wrong first... Check the pedals are tight and straight and turning freely first - that'll save you a bunch of time if they're f**ked. Then, if that hasn't worked, get the cranks off, either by buying a crank tool (any bike shop will have one, don't need to use tarty if you've got a bike shop round the corner [sorry Adam!]) or using the ghetto method above. That way you can check what's up before you spend unnecessary cash on things that don't need replacing (Y)

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