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my simtra with a few new parts, bit mismatched colours but a few things broke recently and this is the bits i had lol, other is a new build zoot. fancied a 24" just finished today, needs a longer higher stem but feels really nice from the 5mins i had on it today. the M.A.D is a mates.





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Looking good, put higher rise bars on the zoot with some more stackers maybe, it transformed mine (Y)

cheers, yeah if i cant find a cheap stem il get bars etc, any idea why the yellow crap on the headset area? aint taken it apart yet lol.

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lol il quit while im ahead lol. compared to my simtra headset the onza seems to have an extra spacing on the top etc just wondered why lol no biggy really. gona take it off and paint it or strip it as yellow is sooooooooooo last year.

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