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What Do You Ride?

Adam '93

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Building up a ZOO! Lynx Dual-disc at the moment :) should be ready in about a week.

Its a mod btw.


Frame and Forks

- Frame: ZOO! Lynx Long Duel-Disk

- Forks: Echo Urban Disc, Black


- Front Wheel: Echo TR Front Disk Wheel.

- Rear Wheel: Echo TR Rear Disk Wheel.

- Inner tube (front): Kenda Unboxed 19/20" I regret buying these tubes, they seem a little... small?

- Inner tube (rear): Kenda Unboxed 19/20"

- Front tyre: Monty Eagle claw

- Rear tyre: Echo.


- Front Brake: Hope mono (unbraded hose, off ebay possibly 2003?)

- Rear Brake: Hope Mono


- Cranks: Try-All Expert

- Freewheel: Tensile 60 click

- Chain: KMC Z510g ?

- Rear Sprocket: Neon 12T Screw On

- Pedals: Onza Caged pedals

- Bottom bracket: Onza BB Off Ebay - 68mm x 127mm

- Bashplate: Echo lite in black.


- Headset: First Blog Z

- Stem: Echo TR

- Grips: Try-All Foam

- Handlebars: Onza T-master aluminum

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