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Zhi Z3 For Trial Beginner?


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Hi everybody!

I am both new to trials and this forum, so first a big fat hi from Vienna, Austria ;o)

I've been riding street and dirt for almost 7 years now, so I think one can say that my general bike technique is not the one of a beginner, but until yesterday I've never ridden a trial bike before. Yesterday I met a guy, tried his zoo! for a couple of hours and now I definitely want a trial bike myself!! Actually I've been thinking about buying one for the last year or so.

Now I could get my hands on an almost new zhi z3 bike. Most of the parts are brand new, some (like the rear hub and the bash guard) have been used for one month. The bike has a wheel base of 1080mm, I am 1.89m. (sorry I don't know that in inch and feet haha).

My question now is, if the zhi z3 is a good bike for beginners, and whether you can tell me something about the geometry. Since I come from street/dirt as I mentioned, I don't want a trials-only bike, I want to combine street and trials a bit (just like macaskill, jeah :P). So I would like something a bit more agile, manoeuvrable, so I can spin it once in a while.

Most important though is that it has a "neutral" geometry, suiting for a beginner to learn the proper trials technique. I saw this post in your forum and seems like the zh1 z3 is quite a good bike - still I would appreciate your opinions regarding its suitability for my needs.

Thanks a lot and see you out there soon


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heres mine;


There are better frames out there for spins but for learning trials you cant get a nicer more neutral frame for the money. You're 6'2" though and I'm only 5'10" + my arms and legs are pretty short for my height. You'd probably be able to spin the Z3 easier than me but the trials geometry means it will never quite look or feel right. Static 360s and 360 front pivots are real easy but for rolling stuff you want a shorter frame, with a lower BB height and slightly longer chainstay.

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