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How Do I Make My Freewheel Louder? :)


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Hubs and freewheels get quiter with more oil/lube in them. Over time, this lube may or may not seep out, and your hub or freewheel will get louder.

Currently, I have a Chris King hub, every 6 months or so I service it, and I notice that it gets a little quiter every time. I can tell when it does need a service because it seems to be a little bit louder. Another thing I have noticed is that the more lube I put in when I service it, the quiter it gets.

If you want to make your freewheel louder, you need to service it, but when you do so, take out some of the grease/lube/oil that is in there. This is kind of un-servicing it though.

I have not done it on a freewheel for a long time, but on a friends ACS when we did do it, we had to take off the freewheel and then undo the lockring face thingo thats on it. Then you can see inside it. But beware, when we did this, we got all the ballbearings EVERYWHERE and it was so annoying to put back together. I am not sure if newer freewheels will be the same though.

In a month or two, I should be rocking an Echo SL freewheel, if it is really quiet, I might open it up and make it louder like this and let you know how it goes.

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