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Zoo! Python


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Hey guys got my new bars, front monty tyre and rear maxxis cc rear front tube grips hope barrel and hope brake lever yesterday and thought today was a lovely day to take some pics here it is spec:

Frame & forks

ZOO! python 04

echo urban 07 maggie and disc


Front (at the mo) onza reggie rim on a hope xc disc hub

rear echo urban rim on a red chris king 12t hub

rear new maxxis cc tyre old one on atm

front monty eagle claw tyre

front tube maxxis welterweight

rear tube Kenda 19" DH


Hope mono mini front with new barrel and new hope lever in gunsmoke grey

rear maggie with TNN pads


Trialtech cranks

Trialtech pedals

Trialtech 18T sprocket

Trialtech bb

echo bashring


NEW Trialtech high riser bars (feel lovely)

Trialtech grips.

Echo team stem

ZOO! green headset


9.4 kgs





I think the bike is perfict nice and light and flicky :)

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na mate i got it of a guy on here for £300 with loads of spares that ive now sold for £100 so the bike only cost £200 and its got a king :)

i was offered some stickers so i took em dont bother me reli hopefully getting new frame soon (Y) (THE VID is it good or crap for 10 days of kicking?)

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ginger callum maked me lol with that, inspirational video, bikes good spec and all but it looks shite. my o4 thong was lush and it had a similar spec, you need to de stickerd the frame for a start other than the rear end zoo logos your raped the shit outa it with them stickers.

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Oh , that was a waste of a pitbull then :giggle:

i had only been learnt to kick for 2 weeks then but the pitbull was far far far to big for me and in the 1month 2 weeks ive now had the python in my opinion ive improved loads cuz whn i had the pitbull in 5 months i could only rear hop 5 times and do good wheeles and the 1month 2 weeks ive had the python i can do 56 rear wheel hops (that i did today :) ) drop offs pedal kick still good wheelies.

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