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What Has Been The Funniest Comment When Your Out Riding Your Bike?

Sam T

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Well, me and a couple of mates were out the other day, and a black canadian guy come out to us, and he was absolutely gob smacked. He then randomly said " DAYYYMM YOU DO THAT FLIPPIDY FLOPPODY SHIT, HOT DAYYMM. :giggle:

So whats the funniest comment people have said to you?


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me and me mates were riding in a town the other day and these guys on e's come past and one of them shouted HAHAHA YOU BANG YOUR HEADS AGAINST WALLS DONT YAS!! we just laughed at them like yea oki then tossers and the one that shouted it started having a go at me because i said no these helmets are to protect our heads if we fall off our bikes, not to bang against walls for no reason :giggle:

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Riding Newcastle in 2006 and my mate Johnny Wood saying to me ' did you see Danny do thst 11 foot drop?'

I reply 'onto what?'

Johnny replies ' eh the ground' :giggle:

I still laugh when i think about that.


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some indian guy came out of his shop with a mop and stood there watching us.. and after one of my mates did sommat, the indian guy said( with indian accent) "oooooooooo very gooooood "

i gues it was one of those moments where you had to be there but it was hillarious :D

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My funniest comments i get, is from chavs " is that a trials bike mate, must of cost you a bomb " i get this quite oftern lol

'Nooiiccee how much was that mateeee, you any gd then bruuvv'

reply: Enough and better than you..

rides off before beating is issued

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i was riding in town with a friend once and my back brake made a rather load squeak and then started squeaking due to the wheel being out of line and a man in the street said i've got some oil if you want to put some on your brake, i just turned to my mate and burst out laughing. haha

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One of my fondest memories was being kicked off a wall at the local church by the old lady who manages it.

However she pulled up in the her, windows all done up, pointing and mouthing at us to move. My mate walks up to the car looks at her and listens to her and interprets her in his own way.

Old lady: mouthing "Get off here" whilst pointing at the wall and ground.

Mate: "Park here? Why its double yellow lines, you can't do that you'll get a ticket!"

Old lady: Still mouthing and pointing out the back of her car (denoting we should move on)

Mate: "What? you want me to get in the boot? I don't think that is appropriate for the situation madam!"

Another favourite was the time some old charity man stopped us on our bikes and exclaimed:

"STOP!, the pavement is for people!", to which we then looked at ourselves in silence as though we weren't human.

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ive got couple for you ....... here goes ...

biking at city hall ruins , a chav comes along on im guessing around 24inch frame shit heap, drinking a can of special brew , says he can do what we do , so i said ride down that slope if your up for it, .... basically its a steep 2 metre cobbledy slope down into some mud with alot of football sized sharp rocks, and you need to lean back far and drag your brakes . so he just basically pedalled towards it with no intension of stopping and did not lean back at all... just face planted into straight over and nutted a couple of rocks at the bottom ... me mate said try fosters next time lol

secondly riding at memorial , which has walls and sometimes alot of flowers and crosses , remembering war hereos... we aint disrespectful at all , and never ride on the flowers , and one night there were a few of us out hopping on the walls , i hopped up and gapped over the flowers to the other wall . a guy pissed up comes walking down through town , see's me and heads towards me , all the young lads are still on the high street and he walks stright past for me , heads up the stairs , ...im sat on my top tube resting so he must think im a kid, and he says you f**king wanker , trampling flowers etc etc, would not shut up, im just trying not to laugh , then he gets to close for comfort , i hate people in my face , and the twat pushes me , i kinda fell but my foot saved me , just , ........ then i lost my temper , stood up , im 6'3 and well built , he didnt see that coming , so he backs off , i give him punch in his cheek then a second in his glasses, which broke lol, ....pissed , injured , and now blind he runs away ,funny part--------- straight across all the flowers and crosses , WHAT A f**kING NOB! ill never forget that ....

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I was riding down the pavement with a mate heading into town for a quick sesh and there was some old bloke walking the opposite way, he purposely got in our way to be a nuisance and give us an earful of how we shouldn't be on the pavement

"If somebody comes out of one of these doors and you're riding down here you'll run straight over them"

Me - "No, because we'll just brake"

"But you don't have magical brakes that stop you dead on the spot, son"

Mate - "Well, actually, we do...."

He scowled at us and moved along

Old people these days :rolleyes:

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There was 3 of us in Loughborough in Leicester.

I was on trials bike, one was on dirt jump bike and other trials unicycle.

Loads of people asking bout my seat, but a random drunk guy was just like, "woooah mate, where's you bike gone" to the uni-cycler.

And outside a KFC, some older homeless looking drunk chavs, came up to us and started talking to us and he was like "can i ride you bike?" i just said "NO"

And we went across some traffic lights as they turned red (we were on the road, need to let people walk across) and some guy tried to push one of us off our bike.

Too much for one day.

Sorry for the long post :)

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