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Naugthy Brake Booster


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Hello All

just got an echo v brake booster

fitted it, but got a problem

the allen key bolt which i use to lock the brake cable into place and adjust tension (you know the size 5mm which the cable basically threads through)

that will not pass the outer edge of the brake booster i pull the brake and it moves as far as the booster then stops becuase the edges touch

how do i sort this out

ill post a pic up later but at work atm



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did the booster come wiith spacers? i dont have any experience with v-brake boosters but if it runs the same principal as hs33 ones u need to use spacers

Certainly sounds like the problem, my V booster with spacers sits well clear of the brake itself, so something is missing in there or needs spacing out more.l

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You may be able to get it working by spending a few p on washers to go between the booster and the brakes. Make sure there are plenty of threads holding the brake on though - usually when you fit spacers you need to fit longer brake bolts.

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