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loner ryan

20" 24" 26" ?19"?  

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Hello im Ryan

This is a topic on the differentiation of wheel sizes and how they effect your riding and have an effect on riding styles and generally how there different.

Heres some background to the creation of this topic:

I ride a 20" Onza T-comp and i love it i find it heavy compared to others but its a good beginner bike and im still getting to grips with the basic skills, i had ago on someones 26" MAD Phase 1.2 and i noticed how different they ride on the 26" i was able to pedal hop further distances and just pedal hop better overall but found it harder to move around e.g endo's and side hopping excetera. whereas my 20" was the opposite i couldnt pedal hop it as well but i found alot more nimble.


in my eyes the 20" are the base of pushbike trials i think everyone just about has a 20" as there first bike. Ot pi rides a 20" doesn't he?(Or has.)


What can i say about the 24" besides Danny Macaskill! 24" bikes have influenced trials to a whole new level streey trial mixing more flow into riding.


Kenny belaey awsome 26" rider the way he rides his bike is just amazing.


What do people think about that 19" onza video?

This topic is all in my views people will always have diffrent ideas.

What do you guys think?

Whats your favarouite size?

How do you think they effect our riding?

Trials has evolved so mutch over a reletively short period of time what do you think we should expect too see in years to come?

Personally i think trials will move more to the 24".

Again what do you guys think?

Cheers Ryan

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