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Hello everyone, just thought i would post a short vid from one of the first rides on my signature frame from Rockman bikes.

This was filmed in about 10 minutes a couple of days after xmas i believe, still getting used to the bike.

At the time the name of the frame was to be BL but now it´s changed, and the colour is not final either, just to prevent the raw alu getting ugly in the swedish weather during the testing.

Have been riding it since xmas and really been putting my 90 kgs to use in trying to brake it but has not yet succeeded so it´s going into production very soon.

Have been riding the frame since then and the production model is soon to be available!

Moore info on that soon, but i can give you some hints: lightest mod frame, highest graded alu, quality.

At the lightest my bike as been at 7.54 kgs on my park tools scale, it was like 7,9 the first days when the vid was made.

Both setups have been with the heavy but trustable king hub in the rear witch means that there is about 57 grams to earn just by changing to ffw, but i wouldnt.

Enjoy and look out for this frame on the market soon!

Thanks to rockman bikes for doing this for me and to tarty for hooking me up with the parts rockman can´t provide yet.



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Really nice vid :) , I don't think Rockman need a new mod frame though, looks too similar to the ones already.

Most frames out there looks the same? 2 triangles right? needed or not, it will be the business for sure. First biketrial frame in this material:)

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