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At the end of the day it's up to how you ride.I tend to ride 80% natural and hardly any street and i have found no problems with my creepy crawlers, i have also ridden eagle claws plenty of times, and no problem. Though don't know about anyone else i seemed to wear them out quicker than my creeper crawler. I would go with the crawlers but that is my opinon.

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I know i don't ride mod but my mate Dan does and he recently purchased the Monty Eagle claw and i have to say for the £11 its the steal of the century.

I have ridden his bike and the tyre does feel slightly bouncier. Also some of the stuff I've seen it grip on when dans pushing it beggars belief, Yesterday he sidehopped onto a concrete pipe and he landed right on the side and it gripped no problem.

So I'd say pay a bit extra and go for the monty

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if your bike is 24", I recomend you dmr moto digger. You can use them under every condition.

if your bike is 26", the best choise you have is Maxxis Creepy Crawler

Erm, no.

Creepy on a MOD

Maxxis on a stock, any of them, all awesome.

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