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Ufo Over M5?

The Hitcher

Shit son, mother hubbarding aliens gon' get yo'  

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  1. 1. Real or Fake?

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Saw this on TalkAudio forums... Probably a viral but you never know... (also probably BOTI, so move if you want)

TWO fighter jets are filmed whizzing over the M5 - apparently in pursuit of a UFO.

A mystery cameraman took footage of the military aircraft chasing the shiny orb.

The 30-second clip is believed to have been taken from a West Midlands service station car park.

Expert Nick Pope, who probed UFO sightings for the MoD, said: "This is one of the best videos I've seen. It could be a new drone - that might explain the military jets.

"But you don't normally test-fly secret projects in daylight. Alternatively, this could be the real thing - a UFO in our airspace and military aircraft scrambled to intercept, probably due to it being tracked on radar."

The MoD refused to comment on the alleged sighting, but confirmed it would scramble jets to meet an air threat.

West Midlands Police said: "We are not aware of any reports of unidentified aircraft near the M5."


I for one am going with some kind of viral...

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I dot reckon its real, but failry sure there are aliens, if not, that a hell of a waste of space up there, and the jets look more like F-22 Raptors to me, which I dont think the R.A.F have but then again we might have some so who knows...

If you look you can see the bubble of the cannopy and the weird shape wings, just to give a bit of evidence towards my statement, I know it from a different angle but thats the best I could find




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I did. Because it IS real. They stole me from my house(birmingham) and........................................ Did things to me!

Ben, a lot of people steal you from your house and do things to do.

I reckon on fake, lots of these floating about these days. Kinda cool though.

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