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Help How To Get Up On Somthing Big


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hi guys just wondering how you get up pedal hop onto somthing large?? as i see it on videos all the time and it looks so so simple but i just carnt do it help !!! please!!

Practise, practise and practise. Gradually build up to the height and eventually you will be able to do it

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How high can you currently do( Pallet wise ) ?

but getting the speed and kick and take of point are the main thinks you have to get right.


Ugh, sorry rant over. Practice is the only way to get higher, but watching some of the videos you enjoy and trying to copy there technique tends to help.

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I'm currently learning to tap off the front edge of walls helps tons if you can get it right but yes practice on smaller things and slowly build up your confidence and skills. Try and watch different videos, keeping a close eye on their foot positions and how the bike and body moves while going up obstacles. I would watch 1 move for example a multitude of times then go out and practice until i'd done it a few times.

god speed and good luck

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