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Hey guys,

I've just fitted my new echo TR riser handlebars onto my ZOO! (Going for a green colour scheme) and the echo grips I have

slide like crazy on the bars, meaning the bike is unrideable. The problem is that you cannot cabletie these on to the bars,

because they do not have spaces for cableties, unlike other grips.

I have tried spraying hairspray on the handlebars for the grips to stick onto! However that didn't work. (this was suggested to me by

a fellow member of the HTBC).

Any other suggestions would be great, as at the moment, I cannot ride with my new bars (N)

Thanks JackZOO!

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Now youve used hairspray, id put them on and leave them so it dries up, or an alternative (pretty much the same thing) is deo. If they are rubber grips you would have been better not putting anything on at all, I only used hairspray/deo to get them off :blink:

The best you can do is just let them dry up now, see how it does.

Hope this helped :)

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I have got fed up of fighting with grips. Getting them to stay on when fitted, getting them off once they need changing.

I am now using lock-on grips. These are so easy to use i don't know why everyone dose not use them. Slide them on do up the screws, there on and won't move. Undo the screws and off they come ready to fit a new set.


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