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Hope Brake Lever Sticking


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Hey everyone im having some problems as always with my Hope rear brake it keeps sticking in at the lever.

Ive bled it and cleaned the push rod but its still sticking

Anyone who can help ?

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Sounds like when I had fecked pistons. They corrode underneath the seals and then it sticks a bit sometimes, or others it eats the seals then the piss oil everywhere.

New seal kit and polish up the pistons should solve it. Just hold the inside bit with the magnet in the chuck of a hand drill, put a rag on the edge of a table or workbench with some Autosol on it and whizz it round until they're nice and shiny, clean then thoroughly, lube them with brake fluid, rebuild the brake with new seals and rebleed it, should sort it out.

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grr hmm but it happened when i first got my koxx like 1 week after so..........

I know this might seem obvious. Pinch bolt on the leaver, loosen it a little and see if that helps.

So many people over tighten them and it stops the leaver moving properly.

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