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Riding Twentyfo


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I got a trialsy 24inch bike about 2 weeks ago and finnaly getting used to it's size and geo, it is kind of different to my old stock that I had. It is a trials because frame and not the streety inspired. Choise it because I am not into many streety moved and wanted be able do same king of stuff. The only thing is that I cannot TGS(tap, gap and sidehop) as high as I could on my stock, although gaps are getting in there. Is it because I need to use different technique, it is in the middle between stock and mod, mods don't seems to do a lot of rolling moves comparing to 26 riding and if they do most of it are bunnyhops to back (only few riders tap). I do like the bike, I can finnaly pull up into bunnyhop to back or to manual prety easily which I do enjoy. But was riding today and came to the spot where few weeks ago I tapped a prety high wall, even to back, with a stock and I was really annoyed that I could not tap it with current bike, although I haven't tried up it any other way. Anyone else having problems like that? I know trialsy 24s are not too popular yet, but was just wondering if there is an appropriate technique to it.


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