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Hello all!

I'm jamie and from the good old Isle of Wight.

Am looking to get a bike any time now just raising some cash. Have spotted one on here so will be contacting person later.

Used to ride when was still in high school. Looking to get back into it now I have a bit more money to afford it. Used to have a planet x 26 inch.

Hope to pick it up again quite quickly! Any ways speak to you all soon.

Cheers Jamie

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I've just come back into it after a 2/3 year break and I'm not regretting it at all! I did everything I used to try and bigger on the first day back riding. Hope you find it as easy to get back into!

Yeah I brought the bike off manning, its all good, and yeah i found the same thing I can do bigger stuff as well the bike is a lot lighter and im taller and stronger now, am really enjoying it, my hands and back are getting a bashing though! Cant wait to learn some new stuff though!

Cheers Jamie

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