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Tribal Zine Team Pack 2010

Ben Swales

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Hi all,

As you might be aware, Tribal Zine are looking for six riders to join our team for 2010.

We are looking for riders to promote the website online, at competitions and on the streets, and entries are open to riders of all levels, nationalities and ages.

The team will be supported by some of the most active shops in France (K-124-House, Sphèrebike, Trialprod and the TMS Pro Shop), and thanks to them we are able to offer successful candidates some top of the range bikes at discount prices, as well as a team jersey and sticker packs.

In exchange, riders would be expected, as mentioned previously, to promote Tribal Zine and our partners online, at competitions and on the streets.

Send your applications to team@tribalzine.com, including as much info as possible; name, age, contact details, comeptition results (for competitors), media (photos, videos etc.), riding goals and achievments and anything else that you think might help your application.

See the article on Tribal Zine for full details of the team offer and the bikes available.

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Good luck!


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Hi Tris,

If you weren't interested in the full Team Pack deal, I'm sure we could arrange a 'mini-pack' of just a shirt and stickers, does that sound like the sort of thing you meant?

We wouldn't really be able to offer you any other benefits though, other than posting your photos/videos. The discounted bikes are what we offer to the team, thanks to companies that sponsor and support the site.

Hope that helps.


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