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Spoken to Ben and it seems he is not running the website anymore, but he does still have stock.

This is a real shame. More and more 'trials shops' are ceasing trading.

We all know why and I don't need to elaborate, and good luck to them, their service and business model is impeccable.

However this situation is not good for trials, there is an chance that there could be a situation where there is only one supplier and by default a closed market, this is not good for any market and it is us the riders that will loose out in the end if there is no choice.

More suppliers = More choice

I try to use more suppliers in order to encourage an open market, but I am only one person.

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If other shops had the range, expertise, price and service of that well known shop run by that well known cute Adam fellow then fair enough, people would buy from them. But there isn't.

Agreed, as I stated the business model and service is impeccable, and other retailers should take note of this, but a market with just one player is no market at all.

This is not good for trials or any other market.

On the case in point of Trialsman, I have never had a problem with them even before I knew Ben and many others have had the same experience and if you have visited the site before it stopped the stock choice was building up well.

I have no problem with Tarty bikes at all, I would happily recommend them to anyone, I buy shit loads of stuff from them and have never had any problems at all and will continue to do so, but I do use other suppliers as well for the reasons stated above.

The problem is they have NO real competitors and this could potentially lead to problems.

For instance, say you want a frame and there is ONLY one supplier, that supplier can charge what they want for that frame and you have to pay it if you want that frame and you would have to wait till they decide to send it .

There is no longer a need for efficient service and such like because they are the only supplier and it may be more cost effective to be less efficient.

Now I am not saying for one minute that Adam is a money crazy egomaniac and is going to do this, but the potential is there for this to happen.

Healthy competition is important in a free market if you want good prices.

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