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Problem With Hydraulic Brakes Help!


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Silicone lube (GT85 or similar) works a treat

Pull the pistons out with a pair of molegrips (be careful not to break the little nubby!) and then twist them a bit so they rest on the 4 little fingers around the piston and hold the piston out.

Then give it a good spray with lube, let it back into the cylinder body and then give it some pumping to make sure it gets nice and lubey.

Have the brakes been bled with water? if so, you have to oil the pistons regularly to keep them working good, regular magura blood lubricates them but water does not, so you have to do that bit yourself :)

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is a lazy piston also caused with a lack of oil in the hoses after the bleed?, or is it just the seals? because i have bought a brand new hs33 and it has got the problem of a lazy cylinder will just oil to lube up the piston work?

If it's brand new just hold in the piston that moves the most and pump the lever so the other piston moves a few times. WIll sort that,

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hi ive got a second hand set of hs33 maguras ive just bought for a new bike i will be getting i was wondering wen i pump the brake off the bike at the pad end one moves out further than the other ?? is this right?? or how do i fix the problem what is the problem???

try to use teflon spray normal oil stays wet it will pick up dust and crap and damage the piston and seals teflon drys not sure of silicone never tried it

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