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Hope Pistons

Sam Styles

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okay so... i have searched numerous topics before starting this thread but have not came across the answer that i am looking for. Just wondering if any of you have the answer...

when you bleed a hope mono trials brake, the instructions on videos say to squeeze the lever all the way in, without anything being inside the caliper other than the pads (e.g, no disk, wheel removed). But i have been told not to sqeeze the brake without a disk being in place as it will pop the pistons :S

do you simply squeeze the brake without nothing seperating the pads when you are bleeding it, and then just prize them apart before you put the diaphram and cap back on?

im just really confused with different things i have been told.

i hope i was clear when i was explaining it :blink:

thanks, guys, please help

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I've always put a wedge of plastic/wood in to stop them moving as I always take the pads out when bleeding anyways so they dont get contaminated. Always worked for me.

is it like a big peice of wood/plastic to completely stop the movement of the pistons, or just enough so the pistons can still move, but not touch eachother?


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This is very true. Every time iv bleed my hope iv wedged a block of wood in between the pistons opened up the bleed nipples and bleed away. Refitted the pads and the wheel and the pads will set themselves once the lever is pulled. Sweet as a nut

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