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24Inch Or 26 Inch

dougie pumkin

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well i think you are aloud in compotitions with 24" because danny macaskill rides one and he said that he doesnt want to do comps. which means he can ride his inspired in them. not too sure though. well the difference betwwen 26" and 24" is that 24" is mainly made for riders who would also like to combine trials and bmx together. go onto tarty bikes then go onto media-video guides- and there should be one on all different size of bikes. hope i helped

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You can ride a 24 in comps now, I rode a few essex comps and a national last year on an Ashton 24". I'd always check when entering though.

If comps is your thing though, I would get a 26". 24 just worked against me in comps. especially with my street setup

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