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Neil Tunnicliffe New Video!

Neil Tunnicliffe

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Its been a while!

New video from me! I believe its just under 2 years ago when my last was out! Time is flying by..

I have started to ride shit loads again! So this is the first video, don't expect too much.

Didn't really know what tune to use. I think it goes well with the riding. Either way im really happy to be back riding and filming.

Expect better and lots more this year. :shifty:

Check it out on my website Neil t.com (no lazy link, i need the hits)

Youtube one might not work yet.

Thanks dudessssssssssss! :lol:


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Youtube link doesn't work. :(

But anyway, very very unoriginal song. I had to check to make sure I'd downloaded the right video, felt like something from 2006.

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I will be honest for some reason I never liked your older videos as much this one, It seems like you have a new style I really like it, I also like how your doing more front wheel stuff and tech stuff. Great Job Neil! deffently one of your best videos in my opinion...

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:o It is just sickening to see a rider go so damn huge, yet retain gracefully smooth body language and bike control, and just generally making everything look so damn effortless (Y) Finally great to a decent amount of tech lines and links thrown in there, we knew you were capable nezz (Y) (Y)

If this is the start of even bigger things to come, god help the rest of us mere riding mortals :lol:

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Neil that was very good. Id rather watch good SD video other than average full HD witch is almost always making for show us what expensive camera someone buys.

The only thing i dont like is slow motion during dynamic tune. And no slow motion sound during slow motion clip.

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something looked fishy about that 180 on the 2 posts.... no way he could of got momentum being that steep ... check the traffic in the back ground its going backwards ...!!! sorry to dissapoint lol...

still looks cool though


i noticed the hook in the carpark also, being off wood, floors cut off like ive mentioned in previous vids, i dont see why you dont just show the wood kicker rather then trying to hide it, itd still be a big hook regardless wether you showed the wood or not, the fact that its being cropd off cam to try and creat the illusion ther is no ramp is just irritating for me personaly.

inspite of this the video has a nice vibe to it, look forward to future videos! really liking the style on that zoo! :turned::blink:

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