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Yeah they all do that which is what i like about Argos because you can always return the item (in its original packaging of course) if you are not happy with the quality of the item. Everlast and York fitness are main two brands for quality gym equipment when ordering from argos, where as Decathlon, i tend to get clothing and other sports gear as i never really bothered to look at the gym stuff, and i find returned items for exchange or refund is more hassle than its worth compared to argos. I've used my Everlast foldable multi gym from argos for about 7-8 months and have had no problems other than tightening up the bolts ever now and then. Ultimately just use your eyes when buying sports gear.

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I thought Argos was pretty good theres a bench on there with a pull down bar for £69 then theres a weight set on there for £50 comes with 50k of weights awell , then just need to by weights on their own which are expensive but they will last for like £20 for 20k. Im getting the set on Argos which, off the top of my head is £199 for 135k which is enough for me, for now. i know its rather pricey but its worth it in the long run, concidering the price of individual weights, and i guess it depends how much you can lift. I do 120k so that set will do me but if you do less then its not worth the price.


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