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Me And My Mates Comeback!


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Well guys, its been a long time coming and I've realised how much I've lost with not riding for 9 years!

Just been for a bod about round near where I live and theres nothing to ride, at least, nothing that I can ride! Ended up on a crappy little rock and a small wall round the corner but I've got a lot to learn (again) and gotta get a lot of confidence back. Mainly about technique as a lot of stuff I see you guys doing nowadays is very different to when I started so here it is, me and my cousin attemting to backhop up a small rock and my cousin up a wall.

Bear in mind we are very rusty!!

Will be going back to some old haunts soon once I get the bike rack for the car and hopefully get back into it soon enough! Any pointers are greatly appreciated!!

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i would suggest if your getting back in to it seriously to get more up to date bikes so you can do better moves, but if you like your rides keep them.

Just spent bout £400 on new everything except frame and forks and can't afford to blow £300 on a frame when the one I've got is still in mint condition.

Not gonna go mad or owt, if I get to a point where I think I ride well enough to justify buying a new frame I may do but mortgage an bills come first at the mo but thanks for you input!

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Lookin out for a helmet as we speak but bit skint till payday. As for the back brake it's as good as it's gona get as cause the frames so old I struggled to get a rim small enough to fit between the calipers, think the distance from brake block face to face was 35mm, so had to do some customising on some offset clamps and the maggy v brake adaptor kit. Seatposts a pain as it tapers at the top so if it goes any lower you can't clamp it up but I've got a solution, gonna swap it with my dads hopefully if it's same size as it has been annoying me!

Cheers for the comments, hopefully getting a cheap camcorder this week so will get some better footage up soon!

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go on matey. not bad.

how long did you ride for before?

carry on with the old skool dude!!

when you do get a newer frame you'll be sh*t hot!

Cheers for the comments! Was only at it for bout 2 years last time I rode, helmet arrived today after I finally got round to ordering.

May be getting a Zenith frame to swap all my gear onto soon so will see how things go then, as for now I'm slowly getting back into the swing.

Just a pain where I live as there's nowt to ride!!

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