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Making Music For My Uni Film

mr ailsbury

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Right, i'm making a film about bike trials for a project at uni and because of where our films get shown we've got to have copyright free music.

I thought i'd ask on here is 'cause I know some of you are in bands and are big into producing music and stuff.

If anyone would like to have a go at making a track for it then that would be ace!

The film will be 3mins in length and have voice overs and interviews so it can't be too loud and in your face.

I want the film to be quite up beat and positive so the musics gotta fit around that but I'll consider any genre so post it up so it can be considered. :)

If I use you're track you'll be put in the credits and get a copy of the finished DVD posted to you :)

So yeah, if you want to have a go then get posting :D it'll be a massive help to me so cheers!!

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As usual with any of this sort of stuff, Pocket Rocket can be used if you want. Doesn't sound like it fits your brief but a couple of tracks is on www.myspace.com/pocketrocketsocket in case it does somehow. Good luck :)

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Free royalty free sound loops if you get really stuck. (although I assume you'll have usage of Garageband/Soundtrack).

Might be worth trying out Dan Clark on here, he has produced a few pieces for my film work at college, meeting my specified criteria exactly. And if you didn't want to much hassle I assume he must have some rough work that you could use.

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