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Pads Maggie And Vee


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Well its time i got back on the bike and I've got everything sorted accept pads, I've been out of the scene for a while now so I've completely lost touch with all the current products.

so what's the pads everyone is screaming about nowadays for vees and maggies.?

also is there any pads that arnt on CNC backings even worth looking at?

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Dave, glad to see you're finally getting a bike sorted, 24? Over the last 6 months i've tried Koxx browns, Coustsinks and Heatsink yellows. The Koxx pads were awesome on a decent grind in most conditions with awesome wear rate, the coustsinks were ok, but in my opinion not any better than the browns. I've had a set of heatsink yellows on for a week now and i've been really impressed with them, great bike and good hold, not tried them in the wet yet though; they do seem to be a fair bit softer than the Koxx Browns and i think thats the only issue i have with them. All of mine have been in CNC backings so can't help you otherwise, but i'm sure they'd be fine in powerpad backings as used by Steve.

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Na man, im gonna go 26" im a bit scared to try 24 with my ankle and what not, as 24" is a bit more fast paced, plus the thort of doing a tap is giving me a hardon haha.

thanks for the info man!

If you're about today/this weekend give me or Luke a shout, we'll be out and have some koxx reds you may want to try, never used them myself.

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