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Pedal / Crank Arm Problems


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Gents / Ladies / Wee men,

i have a aluminium crank arm that the pedal threads have stripped in. The unfortunate problem is that the pedal some how seems to still be stuck in the crank arm - the pedal axle will rotate either way freely, however it will not come out of the crank arm.

some sensible solutions required please. i would like to try and re-use the pedal if possible, and ill look into getting the crank arm tapped, but need to remove said pedal first.

ta boyos


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cheers for the responses boys,

i thought the ol' give it a good twatting might be the best idea, but wasnt sure if i should maybe heat the crank arm up before i do this? i was planning on getting it helicoiled if it is sort-able, will have to try and get the pedal out first obviously.

i dont think the crank arm is cracked...i cannot see anything thats fo' sho'.

kenster...i tried that using a wee alan key as they are V8's with a 6mm allen key in the rear of the axle, but to no avail. it seems to catch a thread and then loses it again. also keeps going squint, which i dont really want to do as i will hopefully get it helicoiled.

ill have a shot this weekend gents and if i need anymore help will shout here

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might sound like a bodge, but if there V8's and have the allen key hole on the axle and you say it catches the thread then stops. why not apply force downwards towards the pedal axle via the allen key while turning it if that makes any sense. might be able to catch some threads then. if not just try whacking it out with a hammer and punch (Y)

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