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26" Yaabaa 799 Price


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Does anyone here know anything about the 26" Yaabaa 799 ?

Ive been thinking of getting one of those, as it seems like a nice bike for beginners(?). However, the thing that confuses me with the bike is its pricing.

In Finland (where i live, doh >_< ), the bike can be bought with 799€ here . Seeing the price as a bit rough, i did some searching on the internet.

I came across the site of www.K-124house.com where the same 26" Yaabaa 799 costs only 399€ here. This seems really cheap to me, considering the difference of what it costs in Finland.. Also with that site K-124house theres something fishy, when you are being wished " a happy new year 2008 " on the front page. Might it be that www.K-124house.com sells only the frame for 399€ but still has the whole bike in the image? The same price of 399€ can be found here on the Yaabaa website...

Going to the site www.k-124.co.uk which seems a bit more updated than www.k-124house.com the bike can be found here (allthough it is not listed on the websites quicklist) for 649£ .. But when going to tartybikes the bike cannot be found. Another thing that confuses me is the price on the " Try-All 26'' Bike Kit " 819£ over at tartybikes and this kit covers all the pieces used in the shop here in Finland for the bike which is cheaper with the frame... :huh: ?

What is the deal about this bike? Is it like really old or something so all the prices are messed up, and does anyone know what the real price of it is?.. If i were to order it from www.K-124house.com would i get only a frame and pay 399€ for it, or would i get the whole price?.. Ive tried to email them, but so far ive gotten no reply. ( only been like 2-3 days though )..

Would someone please enlighten me, if you know anything at all about any of these websites, or about the bike itself.. Im not all too informed when it comes to buying trials bikes, but i bet someone over here knows more than me :lol: !!

Thank you!

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Looking at both sites, the K124 site does retail the the Yaabaa 799 at 399 Euros, but if you scroll down a bit, you can see the same 799 bike at 799 Euros which includes a TryAll helmet, gloves, shoes, and something else that i cant quite make out via the small pics. So looks like a package deal which you save a bit of money buying the bike and kit together. Not every retailer or online bike store will charge the same price depending on how much they paid trade price, so its always worth spending the time searching around.

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Thank you for the quick reply! Much appreciated! :rolleyes:

I guess i will be ordering the bike from k-124house.com then. As a last question, i guess the bike will be shipped in pieces and not ready assembled, then how hard is it to assemble it by your own, if you have the right tools for it? that chould be an "easy" way to save around 100€ or so. ^_^

Thank you again! :lol:

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