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onza blade 09

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Sometimes I get abit irritated waiting to be validated but its posts like the first one that remind me why! Unless your 8 years old there's no excuse.

What? I know perfectly literate 8 year olds, unless your foreign there really isn't an excuse for bad word order, spelling maybe.

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Save your money and get a few English for beginners textbooks..

Haha! Well said!

Honestly, about your bike choice, it depends about how you ride (smooth, basher...), where you ride (natural or street, or both...), and how you are (height, weight...)!

Tell us a bit more about all these things and then we will be able to answer your question!

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i allready ride the onza blade and i have for 5 months iam 14 i weigh 7 stone and i have been offered the gu tp and i dont no weather to take it

We can't decide for you wether to take it or not mate, it's up to you...

If you want to change your frame, then the Gu TP is a great frame if you can afford it.

But look, I am french, and I try to never make spelling mistakes. Of course, sometimes, it happens, but not every two words like you! So try to make an effort, and if you want to get validated, then work on your spelling mate! No hard feelings...

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