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Hello all,

I recently bought a new amp for my system but unfortunatley when i was wiring it in last night in a rush before it got dark whilst talking to my gf >_< , i switched the 12v and the ground by accident!! I realised because the fuse had blown for that amp in my distribution block, swapped the wires around and put a new fuse in, the amp started up fine, not in protection mode to my surprise, and all seemed fine. Untill i connected my sub up, it works, however even when the volume is on zero there is a buzzing coming from the sub, iv tried different earth points on bare metal frame, iv tried a different RCA from the head unit straight to the amp to eliminate interference, is the amp just F**ked or could it be something else??


are you running your RCA's, and power lead near each other? i had an issue with buzz when they were next to each other in the centre console, i moved one to the kick panel and is seemed to cure it :).

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